October 22, 2008


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When I am overworked and stressed and facing deadlines wherever I look, I tend to do silly things. Like spend time on facebook (in normal times, I never go to facebook except to approve friends. Now, I check it 10 times a day). Like take photos of my incredibly messy table (which has an order! Just not to anyone’s eyes but mine). Which explains why I have photos back in my uni days of stacks of notes on the bed. It appears that I do not change, although I do age.

And so, here, to entertain friends. And to remind people that although I might take awhile to answer emails, and also occasionally miss your calls because I keep forgetting to turn it on after class, I am still alive. Here be evidence of my existence. I.e., photos of my home.

This is my table. And the magnificent contraption that P rigged so I get two screens. Which is amazingly useful in essay writing as I can have my draft right next to me.

And this is my bookshelf. And yes, I know it’s gotten a lot messier since the last photo.

And to show I’m not the only untidy person, this is P’s table! Recently, he’s been on a computer-building mission that requires the taking apart of a lot of computers. As you can see, he has run out of space to the extent that he’s working on the floor. Heehee. At least I’m not reduced to that. Yet. And yes, I do have stuff on the floor too. But I’m not taking photos of that.

And this, is the last home project that I undertook, in the too far away past when I still had the time for home projects. It’s a photoframe-board, that holds eight photos and we write our daily schedule on it. It’s one of my favorite things in the house ☺

And now… a return to the essay that is due in two days. Sometimes… I wanna ask myself, why am I not asking myself why?


October 15, 2008

Indian Summer

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We had a run of gloriously bright sun-drenched days the past week. Indian summer, a beautiful time in fall. The air loses the cold bite and the gold leaves dazzles in the sunlight.

Forecast says it’ll end by tomorrow with a rainstorm. And it’s back to reality after the short sunny holiday, how I wish we have a longer break! I just want to take one week and do nothing but read, the library books I borrowed have been collecting dust after its second renewal.

I have such a love-hate relationship with my work, similar to my attitude towards fall. I love fall, the cold, brisk air, so refreshing. And I love wrapping myself up in scarves and warm jackets. But I also enjoy the easiness of the past week, being able to run out the door in just short sleeves and sandals when I’m late for class, with no need for any additional fuss.

I love my work, I really do. I love the readings and the adrenaline when I’m doing the brainwork and I love the satisfaction when I complete the assignments. I love the lectures that set me thinking. And I love the research that make me all dusty mentally and physically. But I also love being able to just immerse myself in my CSI episodes and trashy books and have more time to cook the dishes that take such a long time to prepare!

Just finished my weekly response for the E&D module, and still have tons more of work to do. The weekly response took longer than it used to coz I’m still in such a lethargic holiday mood. Have a humanities forum seminar I want to attend at the Penn Museum in the evening, than will be helping a friend move house. I want to cook dinner, but I don’t know if I’ll have time to, have to finish watching this week’s film, King of the Children, tonight as well before the seminar class tomorrow. P borrowed a dvd from netflix that I’m interested in too…

I miss the Indian summer before it’s even over…

October 3, 2008


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但,接觸的東西,卻大都帶點傷感。熟背墓葬畫時想當時安葬的傷。翻大開本的字典時感到莫名的寂寥。看文革前後的文學和電影時有些感同身受的無奈。就如《紅高粱》吧, 偶爾,還是會有些惆悵。



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