May 31, 2008

random act of kindness

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had a frazzled day on friday. hit school at about 10am with a million and one things to do. stayed all the way to 645pm with the staff in charge of closing literally breathing down my neck while I scrawled students’ comments on their school council nomination forms which was due that day itself. so one can imagine my frustration when I couldn’t find the four library books that I packed into a paper bag to drop off at the esplanade library where I was meeting Gab for an a capella concert that night… I was late to meet Gab, not ready to leave yet, irritated beyond belief and frustrated as I shifted through my paper-strewn desk. I didn’t manage to finish all the tasks I was supposed to finish that day, still had emails un-sent and papers un-printed…and I had no time to come back to school next week and didn’t want to have to make an extra trip to find the missing library books on top of everything.

As Iris and Gus said, it wasn’t that big a deal, it’s only four books. But it added to the frustration of a already trying day filled with tons of last minute misc. tasks… many of which remained incomplete when I finally gave up and left the school. but the missing books remained on the back of my mind, through the evening and even this morning, inducing me to make calls to school to check if I somehow mislaid it on someone else’s desk. the frustrating thing is I simply cannot place where I left it.

had ktv with Gab after the concert last night, and only reached home at an unearthly hour of 4am in the morning, making me late for a church wedding in the morning. met Xinyi after for Sex and the City and a lovely dinner at Old School, wandering through chelsea-like art galleries after. did the ritual of weekend house-moving before finally sitting down to check my email…. only to see a notice from NLB that I “returned four library books” at Jurong West Community Library at 4pm on 30th May.

disbelief doesn’t even began to describe what I felt. disbelief and a heartwarming sensation one might describe as ‘moved’…

have no idea who and why and how… (becoz I still can’t place where and when I mislaid the darn books!)… … in the midst of the million of misc. tasks and every day routines… it may be a simple act of random kindness, but it made a difference…. it somehow made everything in my life seem brighter. it made me feel blessed.

whoever it is that dropped the four books off at Jurong West Community Library at 4pm on 30th May… if you somehow manage to see this… thank you. for being an angel in my life.


May 27, 2008

rose blue

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feeling a little blue today….

perhaps it’s the skies, or it’s being surrounded by a couple of hundreds of fifteen and sixteen year olds… all hyped up in a camp. nothing like being wrapped in people and noise to emphasize one being all alone…

it’s the kind of time, when one has the epiphanies which are of no use at all…

nearing thirty years and nothing to show but for a good dose of cynicism and disillusionment…it’s not a pretty place to be in.

read something recently that made me question my so-called ethical values and all that I thought I believed in. a couple of things that happened recently also made me wonder about my moral values or lack thereof.

I remember a time when I believed in absolutes and also believed in not believing in absolutes. both at the same time.

good and bad,right and wrong, true and false.

it’s either or and nothing in between at all.

it’s either there or not or it’s invisible and hanging in the air.

it’s black or white and the rainbow of colors in between.

I’m not the same person I was one second ago. the things I believe in changing with every millisecond.

I’m not the person I thought I would be one second ago either.

there are different definitions of absolutes and ways of going to extremes.

we see life in facets. and the blind spots enables us to ignore the facets that we do not see. despite their undeniable existence

and why does it matter?

the skies blushed rose during dusk.

May 20, 2008


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最近工作用脑过度,周末娱乐时便偏爱做一些无需动脑的东西。看戏时也一样。一连串看了一些以往不屑花钱消费的chick flicks。在笑闹间,不知不觉,有些失去了以往看戏时的感觉。但,一部片子却带给我,以前看《情书》和《Il Mare》的感觉。说不上是什么,一种触心、带着距离的美感、清清淡淡的,是戏的原汁原味。


决定看时,带点冲动。在看另一部电影时看了预告片,临时起意。后来预告片的印象却不复记忆。只记得,有金城武。和一些模模糊糊似乎类似Meet Joe Black的剧情。

其实没有。和Meet Joe Black的剧情很不一般。











May 3, 2008


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