May 26, 2006

last day of school

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Just finished packing… the staff room is a mad, mad place… open boxes and huge, black trash bags all over the place and blocking the already congested narrow passageways and towers piled precariously on top of each other. The high-pitch shriek of tearing tape can be heard the entire day together with laughter and moans as we perform acrobatic acts of hopping over the open boxes and avoid stepping into trash bags… of how we managed to accumulate so much trash and how we wish we can sweep everything one-handed into the trash bags… and how we again managed to pack something we need right now into a box already taped close… and naturally, we will not, even at the risk of gunpoint, open a box we have packed full and taped close which is naturally at the bottom of our tower of boxes anyway (Yes, I’m exaggerating)…

For a last day of term, chaos is perfectly normal as usual.


My life has been full of newspapers recently. It included the trouble-strewn sec. 1 newspaper collections in which my kids brought newspapers on the wrong day and culminating to yesterday where they went all around the school in a one-day-garang guni attempt to collect at least 200 kg of newspaper and actually managing to collect more than 300 kg, earning the school 30 dollars…. The class was a mess of recycled paper the day before the newspaper collections… and my sec. 3 classes said they were missing newspapers due to the over-eager collectors. :p My kids can really do things when they put their heart to it… like the classroom cleaning… after a lot of nagging, the class was sparkling clean… floor mopped, tables wiped and all the corners wiped free of dust.. am so proud of them. Will be bringing P to the class barbeque on the 8th, looking forward to their reaction :p

Also spent the past few days chasing after my Sec. 3 kids for way overdue newspaper cuttings… I actually really don’t care but as the newspaper cuttings are compulsory to all, I have to do it. Spent the last day of school marking their newspaper comprehensions and ordering them to read newspapers at least once a week to build up their current affairs knowledge…

Actually feel quite hypocritical every time I tell my kids that they have to read newspapers… because I don’t do it myself! For someone that gets her current affairs updates from reading Mr. Brown’s blog every once in a blue moon (and marking my students’ newspaper cuttings), I’m not a very good person for encouraging religious newspaper readings…

In fact, I remember back when I was a fresh ‘A’ level grad deciding which scholarship to pick up, upon hearing my decision to do the teaching scholarship, my ex-CL teacher said, “Are you sure? CL teachers have to read a lot of Chinese newspapers leh.” Ha. She knows me best.

Despite her warnings, I still chose the teaching scholarship. And so here I am now. Force-feeding newspaper readings on students and not reading newspapers myself…but the newspapers reading are so necessary for the exams… without reading newspapers and going for exams is like going out shopping without money… but they so don’t understand…


Last day of school…. my desk is empty…. Going out dancing tonight….


May 24, 2006

first teaching anniversary

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Today marks the first year anniversary of teaching… and I almost didn’t remember. If not for the alarm I set a long time ago… it would have passed by without a ripple in my teaching life… Running up and down… scolding students for matters ranging from breaking the fluorescent tube by playing ball to not collecting enough newspapers… settling matters like their class outing and confiscating Da Vinci Code from students reading illegally in my class…It’s a day just like another.

Still. It’s been a year. Congratulations to myself.


Went for a course yesterday and skipped a day of school. Kept falling asleep though, am so tired. Only woke up for the discussions. The instructor played a movie at the end of the course and said it wasn’t compulsory to stay behind… naturally, most people left. I was one of the three that stayed behind… partly because I felt bad, partly because the show left an impression. Remembering the Titans, it was a film more on the segregation between the whites and black than on team cohesion, still, it was no less inspirational. When Gerry met with the accident and Julius visited him, his answer to the nurse’s statement of only kin is allowed is simply heartbreakingly true.

For a film that handles racial segregation and harmony issues, Remembering the Titans is definitely way more idealistic than Crash, despite being a true story. But sometimes, instead of handling the issues in a way that uses thought-provoking pain, films that give us hope might not leave a stronger impact, but it does give us a reason to try…


Term’s ending… although it doesn’t feel like it. I don’t feel the sense of finality or relief. Not to say that I do at any end of term week. Work is still piled up and continues to pile as I type… Looking forward to the holidays though, especially for Bintan… three days of relaxing, with nothing more stressful than waking up late and lazing by the beach… swimming in the sea and ache-releasing spas…. Three days of not thinking of anything but what to eat for dinner…in fact, I’m not going to think about that either, P can decide. ….Three days of heaven…


Went for drinks with Lin last Sat as I was feeling moody…. I actually hate the taste of alcohol. But I just wanted to not think. Turned out it didn’t really work. Went to two places, the lounge at Ritz recced by Gab, and Postbar at the Fullerton . Only had three drinks but I already felt dizzy and threw up. A bartender was so worried that she held my hand all the way to the toilet and pushed a mug of warm lime water to Lin to make me drink when I didn’t return to the bar after. Lin was amazing… she took care of me all night, entertaining my whims and tantrums and took me home when it appeared that I shouldn’t drink anymore… I don’t remember all that I’ve said except that it was probably very embarrassing and nonsensical and she stayed with me all the way and through the night… She said she’s never seen me so upset in all our years of friendship and I’m long overdue for a breakdown… I don’t know, all I know is that I hope I can snap out of this mood soon…. And I’m incredibly lucky to have Lin….

May 17, 2006


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Haven’t updated for what feels like forever but turns out to be only roughly one month. This is so not good… bad, bad behavior.

Let’s see… news of the month… my wushu kids did really well, most got quite a good ranking and it’s was a very good experience for them. One of them did miraculously well and won a gold medal! She beat 20 other pple that trained for years even though she only trained for 2 months. Quite proud of them, for a first time, its quite a achievement.

Marking season came and went together with its days and nights of hell-froze-over-nothing-is-more-important-than-non-stop-marking…

Watched a number of plays… but somehow all seems rather blurry in my mind now except for a very simple production of Dogs Barking at a obscure corner of this little island that I’ve never been before. The acting was okay and the set was good but the play itself was unexpectedly provoking… the ideas of how people and emotions change and yet essentially do not… unspeakable stuff that we are capable of doing to those we once loved and still do love… I especially liked the way it ended with a short look at the way it all once started… we forget sometimes… that we were the ones that hurt ourselves in the beginning… but who can blame us? Was crying at the bus stop after the play… somehow it touched a part of me that I didn’t expect…

Other shows include Burn the Floor (quality dancing), A Very British Affair (a fun night out with lots of laugh although the singing really quite sucks compared to real Broadway) and others that blurs in my mind now…

A top news recently would be the scary dental operation I underwent… with needles and thread and scissors and drills waving all over my face and a half numb jaw plus five days of porridge in which I naturally crave my Ruffles chips… all in exchange for taking out two wisdom teeth. It all seems so not worthwhile… Teeth are still numb.

Been taking turns class recently…. And conclusion is that a lot more classes are needed before I can do my turns… Haven’t danced for a long time due to the operation and won’t be dancing again this week as I’m watching Man of Letters on Friday with Gabriel…

Haiz… been very moody recently… nothing seems to get my spirits up and nothing makes me happy… even the news barely have anything happy in it…

May 4, 2006


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在听周华健的“爱玫瑰“。听到一句“爱在十七是完美,怎么都不会累,他吻了我的额头让我无法入睡 “。带回了许多回忆。与其说回忆,不如说感觉。十七岁时的爱情,什么都甜美。似乎没有什么比之更重要。每天都为之开心或伤心得无法入睡。只在乎感觉。那么 的天真,单纯。相比下,现在的爱情,成熟,疲惫。考虑的东西之多,已远远超过当时简单的感觉。




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